Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are happy to assist customers with questions about our products, or the shopping process at our shop. If you have a question not covered in the FAQs, feel free to contact us.


Do you sell full Project Life Core Kits or Project Life Mini Kits?

No, because we believe our shares (minimum share size: 100 3×4 cards, 20 4×6 cards) are the perfect size both for beginners who are just learning how to do Project Life, and experienced scrapbookers who may want more than one design.

Why do you sell the cards in shares?

In our opinion, the Project Life Core Kits being sold in the market contain too many cards for one person to use. We don’t really need or want 8-10 pieces of one card with the same design.

We decided to sell shares to lessen the “I don’t know where to start; I’m so overwhelmed” feeling that usually happens when you buy a full core kit. This is what we all felt when we first bought core kits for personal use.

Dividing the cards into shares also helps us manage our hoarder tendencies since we can use different kit designs and not feel guilty about having too many supplies that go unused.

Why don’t you sell ALL Project Life designs available in the market?

When we started, we decided we will only sell the designs that we would personally use. We consider ourselves users first, sellers second, and would never sell you anything we don’t want to or already use ourselves.

We also strive to bring in the newest and exclusive kit designs as soon as available. In 2014, we were the first to bring in new designs such as: Dear Lizzy Neapolitan, Maggie Holmes, Strawberry, Kiwi, Coral, Aqua, Happy.


What modes of payment do you accept?

LOCAL ORDERS: We accept payments through local bank deposit (BDO) or payment transfer through the BDO Mobile Banking app.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We issue an invoice and accept payment via PayPal.

At the moment, we do not have any other payment options available.


How long can I reserve items that I ordered?

Due to high demand, once an order is confirmed, you are given three (3) banking days to complete payment. If unpaid, your order will be cancelled.

What are banking days?

Banking days refer to the days when banks are open for business. These usually exclude Saturdays, Sundays, and all declared local holidays. Although we’ve started accepting payments via BDO bank deposit, which has outlets open on weekends, we are still only counting weekdays as banking days.

Can I reserve out of stock items? I will pay when items are available.

We do not allow reservations for items that are not onhand, or listed as out of stock.

This is to avoid any problems in processing orders, especially when items are still in production. We do not have full control over the production process and stock delivery schedule.

Occasionally, we may open pre-orders for selected products.


Can I make changes to an existing order if I haven’t paid for it yet?

We are able to make minor edits to existing orders. Changes may include:
– Edit shipping address / contact information of customer
– Delete an item from the existing order
– Increase or Decrease quantity of an item from the existing order

Depending on your order status, for major order changes you may be asked to make a new order, and we will combine shipping with your existing order.

Once you make an order in the shop, you will receive an automated e-mail with the subject “Your Life Documented Manila Shop order receipt.” You may reply to the e-mail to let us know what you need to change. You may also contact us and give your order number and/or order details, so we can pull up your order from our system.


I’m sorry, I want to cancel my order. There is no ‘Cancel Order’ button, so how can I proceed?

Once you make an order in the shop, you will receive an automated e-mail with the subject “Your Life Documented Manila Shop order receipt.” If you do not wish to proceed with the order, please reply to the e-mail so we can process accordingly. You may also contact us and give your order number and/or order details, so we can pull up your order from our system.


How much is shipping and handling within the Philippines?

As of June 7, 2016, we incorporated the new shipping rates from our courier.

For orders within Metro Manila, shipping fee starts at Php75 (L pouch), then Php95 (XL pouch)
For orders outside Metro Manila, shipping fee starts at Php115 (L pouch), then Php185 (XL pouch)

L pouch size is 9″x14″
XL pouch size is 12″x18″

NOTE: The default shipping fee for all orders (Php75 within Metro Manila/Php115 outside Metro Manila) is for L-size pouches.

Shipping fee will be adjusted to rates for the XL-size pouch (Php95 within Metro Manila/Php185 outside Metro Manila) if:
1. Your order includes album (6″x8″ or 4″x6″), because the albums do not fit in the L pouch.

2. If your order does not include an album, but the quantity of the other items do not fit the L pouch.

Should the size and quantity of the products in your order exceed the capacity of one XL pouch, we will use an additional pouch and your shipping fee will be adjusted accordingly. When applicable, the updated shipping fee must be paid before the order is shipped.

When can I expect to receive my order?

We ship orders twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays), depending on the order we receive payments.

Orders paid between Fri-Tue will be picked up by the courier on Wednesday
Orders paid between Tues-Thu will be picked up by the courier on Friday

We pack and prepare paid orders the night before our scheduled shipping days. Your payment confirmation should be sent by 9PM on Tuesday or Thursday to qualify for pickup the following day. If you’re unable to do so, your order will be sent on the next shipping day.

An order is considered “Shipped” once it has been picked up by the courier. Please allow 1-2 days delivery for Metro Manila orders, and 3-4 days delivery for provincial/outside Metro Manila orders.

There are no deliveries on Sundays or holidays, and there is no guarantee that orders will be delivered on the same day an order is shipped.

Why are your shipping fees not exactly the same as what is listed on the courier's website?

We charge for shipping and handling, which means there is a small additional charge to cover handling costs of each order.

May I request for my order shipped to a different address?


At checkout, there are two fields available: Billing Address, Shipping Address. If you would like your order to be shipped to an address different from your default/billing address, enter the information under Shipping Address.

I made another order! Can you combine my orders for shipping?

Yes, we can combine orders for shipping as long as:
– your first order has not been yet been shipped
– orders will be shipped to one address

Once you notify us that you want to combine orders, you will receive an updated shipping charge from us.

May I request my order to be delivered at ____ AM/PM?

We use a third-party courier to deliver all orders, and we are unable to dictate specific delivery times. Rest assured that your package will be delivered as long as there is someone who can receive the package on your behalf.

Can we pay for our order upon delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a Cash on Delivery service. We only ship paid orders because we use the services of a third-party courier. They only deliver the orders made from our shop.

I know your address! Can I pick up my order from your place?

No. Sorry, but we do not allow pick-up of orders.


Do you ship orders outside the Philippines?

As of March 5, 2015 – we are accepting and processing international orders. We are still working on an automated checkout via PayPal, so please bear with us until the checkout process for international orders is automated.

All international orders will be shipped via Express Mail Service (EMS) through our chosen courier XEND. We chose EMS so a tracking number will be provided for each shipment.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & HANDLING RATES (updated rates from Xend effective July 13, 2016)
Shipping of international orders is based on weight and destination.
We will follow EMS Shipping Rates via Xend. Rate table may be found HERE, but here are the starting rates for selected countries:

Package Weight up to 0.5kg
Australia          Php 1,266
Bahrain            Php 1,668
Brunei              Php 935
Canada             Php 1,599
China                Php 1,210
France              Php 1,934
Hong Kong      Php 1,196
Indonesia         Php 1,089
Japan                Php 1,178
Kuwait              Php 2,706
Malaysia           Php 1,354
New Zealand   Php 1,136
Qatar                 Php 1,659
Singapore         Php 856
South Korea     Php 1,280
Thailand           Php 856
UAE                  Php 1,882
UK                     Php 1,768
USA                   Php 1,580
Vietnam            Php 1,280

Reminder: Upon checkout, the default amount reflected under Shipping and Handling is the cheapest rate (packages with total weight of 0- available for EMS delivery. The fee will be adjusted accordingly, based on the total weight of the order.

More information on international shipping may be found HERE.

I’m an international customer but I have relatives/friends in the Philippines. Can I still order and pay via PayPal, then have shipped to my relatives/friends address?


At checkout, there are two fields available: Billing Address, Shipping Address. If you would like your order to be shipped to your relatives or friends’ address in the Philippines, please indicate it under Shipping Address. You will then be charged for local shipping.

Your International Shipping Rates are expensive. Can you ship my order through regular mail?

We’re sorry, but we’re unable to offer a cheaper shipping option at this time. We prefer shipping international orders through a service such as EMS, because they have tracking information. From our experience, regular mail via PhilPost is not 100% reliable, and takes 2 weeks or longer.

Since most of the items international customers have purchased are from limited releases, we don’t want to risk packages getting lost.


I registered an account on your website. Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Life Documented Manila does not disclose customer’s personal information to any third party, other than the shipping and contact details provided for order delivery/shipping purposes.

If a customer has a registered account on the site, Life Documented Manila does not have access to the customer’s password.

Does your website store any credit card details?

No, we do not. For local payments we accept payments via bank deposit. For international payments, we send customers an invoice via PayPal. We do not ask for or receive any credit card information from customers.